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random obsessive fan article of the day

jenny's random nonsense of the day:

Cave's Gladiator 2 script vexed russell crowe and company.
After finishing The Proposition, Nick Cave got a phone call from Russell Crowe, an old aquaintance, to see if he was interested in writing a Gladiator sequel. " I said, 'Look, mate, you died in the first one, how are you going to do that?' " Director Ridley Scott suggested Cave watchIngmar bergman films for inspiration. But Cave may have been too inspired vy the cryptic Swedish director. Here is what he came up with: 'Maximus becomes a warrior who can never die-an eternal warrior. At the end is this 20-minute war sequence where he rubs his hands in the earth and each time he stands up he's in another war. It goes on and on through history, [including] Vietnam." Needless to say, Cave's Gladiator 2 won't be coming to a movie theater near you. "Russell didn't like it, basically because the Gladiator walks around in a complete daze for the whole film."
~Entertainment Weekly #887 may 19th 2006
this was in my b day issue go figure
now wtf?
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